Alternative Sitting

Chairs for work

Work Chairs

There are many work chairs which are described as “ergonomic”. Some are downright awful, most are mediocre. We have a range of work chair solutions but our most frequent recommendation is an outstanding work chair from a Danish manufacturer whose products we have offered since 1983: the EGO work chair.

Ergonomic stools

An ergonomic stool can be a useful tool for active sitting in some circumstances. We have a number of solutions.

Kneeling stools

We prefer to avoid these for serious work applications. There are a number of important considerations: the long-term use of kneeling stools can create discomfort for knees and shins; they can be awkward in use; they offer little variety of sitting posture; they tend to encourage a lazier, less lengthened posture than can be achieved with alternative approaches. The essence of the kneeling stool is the forward-sloping seat and this can be provided by other designs.

Meeting and conference

Work can also involve sitting to communicate around a table. We have a number of solutions for this purpose.

For illustrations and further information, please refer to the publications which can be found in our Library section.